The General category is for talking about anything at the intersection between digital security and journalism. Related topics might include strong practices for communicating with sources and colleagues, conducting research, or strategies for newsroom security hygiene.

Technical Talk

Technical Talk is for deeper technical discussion about security, cryptography, building systems, and related topics. Connections to journalism are encouraged, but not required.

Off topic

It's okay to be off topic! This section is for talking about anything not clearly related to journalism, media activism, or information security. Off topic threads will disappear after 72 hours of inactivity.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Journalism Shop Talk

Journalism Shop Talk is for discussing the more detailed aspects of reporting and editing on a day-to-day basis -- for example, techniques for developing sources, verifying information, or gathering public records. Connections to digital security are encouraged, but not required.


This is where we get meta about Tinfoil.

Trainer Talk

Trainer Talk is where we learn from one another by sharing and asking questions about strong practices for digital security trainings. Related topics include pedagogy, logistics, and educational materials.


For information about privacy, security, and journalism-related events.