Forum engagement


It might be a good idea for some folks with large Twitter followings to raise the profile of this forum a bit. There are definitely lots of people who need this and there are many more security people who could be fielding questions.

It would be nice if this forum became a public service. Right now it's (mostly) a bunch of people who are already fairly knowledgeable talking at each other. Crypto club is fun and all, but I don't think that was the intent in setting this up.

Does anyone have connections at Citizen Lab? They seem like a natural partner.

Another idea: maybe the official @tinfoilpress twitter account could start linking to threads here that the admin thinks may be of interest to the intended audience (journalists). I just looked over the account, and it's just a bunch of re-tweets of other people/orgs in the internet freedom/journo space. I can just follow those people instead of @tinfoilpress. Maybe give people a reason to follow the account?

Unfortunately, I am a compartmentalized nick and so can't help out with this at all :frowning: I just shitpost here.

Introduce yourself!

Totally agreed, on all fronts. I love that our infosec friends are involved and chatty, but I'd love more Q&A with reporters and people involved in acts of journalism as well. Invite your friends, but in particular, journos and infosec friends who are keyed into journalism. There are a lot of smart people working in this space. And there's a lot of room for growth on the forum, but also a lot of room to make it more useful to interested groups.

If you all are cool with me tweeting about stuff happening in the threads, I'm more than happy to do that from @tinfoilpress on Twitter.