Protesting Chrome Extension AdNauseam Quashed -- Anything else like this out there?


I just did a story about the fact that AdNauseam has been blocked from the Chrome Web Store. If you aren't familiar, rather than blocking ads, AdNauseam clicked on everything in the background. It was an effort at corrupting data. It was a protest more than a privacy tool.

Is this a part of a larger trend? Have folks heard about other apps like this getting the boot?

Is this a trend? Are there deep thoughts to share here? Looking for more ideas. I wonder if this is the start of a larger story, and not just an incident.

A lot of times, nothing helps a protest grow like crushing it. You'd think the crew at Mountain View would know this.



Good questions!

In fact isn't that what TOR and other privacy networks are encouraging people to do - sign up and create lots of noise?

Given the pervasive intrusiveness of both public and private services, contributing to efforts such as AdNauseam might come to be seen as a civic duty.



Oh, and given the subject of this forum, rather disappointing to see a lack of response from the more technically minded members.

In fact, rather mystifying.

Or is tinfoil just another establishment honey pot?

. . .