Reminder: Assume Tinfoil is all public, folks!


A couple of my security trainer friends told me they are concerned about posting their contact information on a fairly public forum (prompting me to amend my previous post on this topic). It's important that people operate with the assumption that Tinfoil is all publicly available. For example, there are no invite-only threads; we occasionally share posts on Twitter; we don't use robots.txt to make the site un-indexible on search engines.

Everyone is more than welcome to share their personal and contact information here. Just do so with the assumption that it's open to anyone.

Digital Security Trainer (Voluntary Role Call)?

I agree, if people have a threat model where people don't feel comfortable with posting contact information - then a public space like here is definitely not the place. I'm happy to keep that thread up for awhile anyway to see how it goes (as I know it's something that a number of people have approached me about). To be fair, it's easier for me as I added no information that isn't already public.