Epic VPN Fails (Security v. Usability issue...again)


So was in Germany last week, on an iPhone 6 using ATT's international plan---which connected me to Deutsche Telekom. Turned on TunnelBear just like at home.

When TunnelBear was running--I couldn't receive or make phone calls (went immediately to voicemail), the # of notifications and messages on Twitter/FB Messenger were visible but messages not accessible. When attempting to connect to the Internet with TB on, it allowed connection for about 24 hours and then could not connect. Text messages worked fine.

I had to actually remove the TunnelBear app entirely from the phone to resolve the issues above---and when I did, everything worked brilliantly except of course that I was no longer running a VPN.

TunnelBear is a go to personally and for our partners---any thoughts? I'm at a loss.

Anyone heard of this before?


I can't explain that but I do keep 3 vpn apps on my phone and switch periodically when one or another is sneezing. Worth the small investment to me.