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Hi folks,

My name is Martin Shelton. I'm a user researcher researching how at-risk users and journalists manage their digital security. I'm now working with the Coral Project at the New York Times as a Knight Mozilla OpenNews Fellow.

I'm pretty interested in talking about how to make better educational materials for digital security. Always open to chatting about it. Feel free to reach out here, or Twitter (@mshelton). Encryption is always welcome.

Excited to learn more about you all. :smiley:


Hi everyone,

I'm Geoffrey King. I head up the Technology Program at the Committee to Protect Journalists. I'm also a lecturer at UC Berkeley, where I teach a course called Privacy in the Digital Age. Before coming to CPJ I worked as a First Amendment litigator. I've also been a documentary photographer for many years.

I'm very interested in protecting journalists (and acts of journalism) by default — whether that's through good law and policy, or technical defaults such as encouraging robust HTTPS and strong device crypto everywhere.

I am excited to see this community flourish. Thank you for setting this up, Martin!


Helu. I'm Thomas Ptacek (@tqbf). I'm a security researcher (a "breaker"). I co-founded a company called Matasano, which is now NCC Group. At NCC, I kicked off Cryptography Services, which is one of a very small number of practices in the US that focuses on cryptographic security. I'm also a co-author of The Matasano Crypto Challenges, an free online training syllabus for learning how to break modern cryptography.

My basic function in online security discussions is to express informed skepticism about the quality and capabilities of popular/mainstream crypto tools.

Happy if I can be of any use to this project!


I'm Tom Lowenthal (@flamsmark) Staff Technologist at the Committee to Protect Journalists. I work on our tech program in San Francisco.

I'm a long-time contributor to projects which enable the free and safe exchange of information and ideas online — I previously worked at the Tor Project and at Mozilla. These days I'm a pragmatist, working to give people the tools that they need to get their work done with minimal worry about someone watching over their shoulder.


This is pretty awesome, definitely checking out Crypto Challenges.

Now there's a thread open on defensive security resources, but it'd also be great to open up a "breaking" resources thread as well. If you've have additional recommended resources, definitely interested in seeing more.


Hey @flamsmark and @geoffreyking. My favorite CPJ friends - welcome!


Yo, whasup y'all ! I'm matt aka matteo aka @geminiimatt. I am a security researcher, operational security trainer, and data journalist. I currently train activists & journalists in digital security. My work focuses on high risk groups, often marginalized, aggressively monitored, over-policed populations in the United States. In a past life I worked as a data journalist at The New York Times and a developer at CNN, Time Inc, TVOne/RadioOne, & AOL/Huffington Post. I also founded a program called @cryptoharlem that meets monthly to teach basic cryptography & circumvention tools to the upper Manhattan community of Harlem in New York City.

It is great to be here! Thanks Martin for making it happen.


Awesome to have you, Matteo. By the way, feel free to start a thread to share links on surveillance in over-policed communities. Interested to learn more.

Not sure if you caught this from ProPublica this morning, but... "The NYPD is Running Stings Against Immigrant-Owned Shops, Then Pushing For Warrantless Searches"


Hey it's Harlo! I'm the Digital Security Trainer at Freedom of the Press Foundation, and I've really cherished working with and learning from you over these past few years. Thanks for creating this space, Martin!


Hey Harlo, great to have you here. :slight_smile: All-stars showing up. Any other resources to share in the "security resources" thread?


Hi all, I'm Chris Palmer. I've worked at Google, EFF, and iSEC Partners in a variety of capacities. These days I focus on secure usability for the Google Chrome web browser, but I enjoy being a generalist. I'm at the usual places (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) and my personal site is


Hey, good to have you, Chris.


Hi all!

I'm Norman (@NormanShamas). I am an educator and activist who works with digital security on a human rights and technical, information security level (strong preference towards Android and iOS). Just started leading monthly Twitter chats on education/pedagogy outside of academia for digital security trainers (Pedagogy in the Wild chats).

Trying to bring an understanding of the technical concepts and critical thinking/decision making around digital security and threat modeling/risk assessment to the human rights community and incorporating a human rights perspective into the work and trainings I do for information security companies.

I work primarily with CommunityRED ( and Attify ( Also work directly with marginalized communities.

Looking forward to some great conversations and exchange of ideas!


Hey Norman, glad to have you! Just followed Pedagogy in the Wild.

If you've got more resources that could be helpful to trainers, I'd love to see more about that here as well.



I'm grugq. I'm a security researcher. For the last few years my primary focus has been on operational security and how to protect secrets. I've presented on this topic at conferences, written a fair body of work on it (quite large, if you include twitter), and generally tried to get people to learn how to be secure.


Grugq, welcome! Hope you'll share some writing that you think will be helpful for journos.


'evening - You might know me from the twitters as @munin. My day job is as an infosec consultant, primarily blue-team operations type things. I blog intermittently at Brown Hat Security and have posted several guest blogs in other places.

I'm here because it seems like a good idea to connect knowledge in my area with people who might have need of it.

I'm happy to talk about infosec in general; defensive operations more specifically; and radio-related items as a side specialty.


Welcome, munin. If you happen to have Brown Hat or other blog posts that you think are relevant here, feel free to share.


Hello, I'm Steve (@brambleena). I am active Counter Inteligence practitioner with a key focus on #DFIR techniques and vulnerability assessment. Finding bad things and baddies is my passion. I am also a self confessed @grugq groupie :grinning: