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Welcome @Brambleena!


Hi everyone,

I'm Erich (@guerrillaxvx). I'm in that weird place between finishing law school but before graduation. I research and write about technology and privacy in both criminal defense and national security issues. I've worked at the SF Public Defender's Office and EFF. I also teach operational security to high school students, specifically when it comes to interactions with police or ICE/CBP officers. One of the goals of this is so students can take the knowledge they learn back to their family members who may have issues with documentation, so they can also protect themselves and their homes from physical government intrusion.

Right now I'm writing a law review article on whether the Third Amendment (the one that says "No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law") makes NSA's 215 program illegal. I'm moving to Germany in a bit, and am hoping to make more of a career out of research and writing on these issues, so I'm stoked to learn from everyone here!


Hi @geminiimatt! Your work sounds really interesting. I remember a Motherboard podcast about a Harlem Cryptoparty, was that you?


Hi all. I'm Jonathan Stray. I'm a data journalist, I teach the CS & Journalism masters at Columbia, and I built the Overview open source document mining system. I've been extensively involved in training journalists in China and other countries, most recently with the first Asian data journalism MOOC.

I've done quite a bit of security training for journalists, including workshops, talks, and guides.


Hey Jonathan, welcome. Your work, as a well as that of Tow Center folks, has been super helpful in my research. Good to have you.


Hey, welcome, Erich! Good to have you. I would love to see some law / legal philosophy discussions here.


I'm Dawn. I'm a researcher with a background in Education. I have read for a few degrees in Ed/Ed-tech. Over time, I have focused on Ed tech stuff in practice; as well as written about, and presented on the affordances of the subject at conferences. I thought it an idea to join here, given that online education systems, in general, are also aligned with an ongoing need for security, safe practices and innovation.


Hi Norman,

maybe this link will be of interest for you.

Trainer and Educational Approaches/Resources Talk

Dawn, welcome! Hope you'll share any knowledge on pedagogical techniques. Important, especially for security trainers.


Great to meet you @dalderson! Thanks for sharing that link! I'm a big fan of HASTAC and what they publish. I haven't read through this article yet, but it looks great--I'm going to add it to our Education Resources thread.

Would love to geek out with you about pedagogy and ed-tech! I had a short stint teaching entirely online, so I also have strong thoughts on online only pedagogy and ed-tech to support it!


Howdy. I'm Ted, i run technical operations at DocumentCloud, and work for Investigative Reporters & Editors, an investigative journalism training non-profit.


Hi! I'm Nick (@grittygrease on Twitter). I run the cryptography team at CloudFlare and occasionally write or speak about crypto and security.


Hello today,

I'm George. I'm currently assistant managing editor at the political rag Roll Call. Covered infosec briefly and am generally interested in the intersection that Tinfoil aims to address.

Used to work at MuckRock. Always trying to learn more code.

Here's a relevant story I wrote.

Find me at @rhymeswthgeorge.


Welcome, George. Great to have you.

I read your article - troubling. I previously did some research with people who worked in a shelter. Since you wrote the article, do you have any insight into whether things have changed much? Last I heard, the main strategy for dealing with mobile devices with malware is essentially what you wrote about. Abuse shelters could definitely benefit from security assistance.


Hey @nick and @knowtheory , welcome.


I heard from another journalist that the DV org I wrote about no longer has a relationship with Tor. Other than that I'm not familiar with any other developments. I'd love to explore a little more about what NNEDV might be doing.


thanks @exvxs yeah one and the same. the vice team did an episode of radio motherboard about that @cryptoharlem project. the article is here: the podcast is embeded in the article or here:
also of personal interest to you is i run an xvx facebook group of over 2k of us across the globe. from now "until all the cages are empty" . i recently decided to respond to more media request so look for more stuff soon.


Hi everyone,

I'm Owen Kelly. I'm the Director of Technology at Schwartz Media, we're an independent media organisation in Australia.

I primarily work on web and app development. I also have a strong focus and interest on security of all aspects in relation to publishing journalism.


hi everyone! I’m Yael and I’m a freelance journalist covering online privacy and security. I’ve written for WIRED, Slate, and a bunch of other places. I recently co-organized a couple of crypto parties here in Phoenix (one for small business owners, and one for activists.) Happy to be here!


Hello everyone
Based in the UK I am mainly involved as a trainer and consultant working with Open Data and helping journalists get to grips with data. I do some work with Open Data Institute in London and have clients like the BBC and Eurovision. I spend a lot of my time keeping up with developments and tools and making sure I know how to use them.
I tend to lurk on forums like this, but will occasionally feel moved to say something!

Jonathan Stoneman