Introduce yourself!


Hey, great to have you, David!


Hello. I'm Vicky Austin, a community college instructor based in California, always looking for resources useful to my instruction in Computer Information Systems. I teach online (since 2003) and in person. I've had this tab open for a couple of days, so I cannot say for sure where I first heard of this group, but I am guessing maybe Twitter? I look forward to sharing resources with you all.


Welcome, @VLAustin!


Hello tinfoil! I've been following Jihadist activities for a few years, namely researching, sharing and cataloging OSINT, "grey" materials, private channels and forums, unpublished photos and videos, etc. almost entirely on the Islamic State. I share some things through my twitter @AbuFancyPants but most through just personal contacts. Because of this I have an interest in operational security (ya know, because I have an interest in preserving my life) and I got massive love for investigative journalists.

By trade I am a programmer that's always had a deep interest in data collection, and threat analysis.


Hi, I’m Kevin O’ Gorman, a technologist at the Globe And Mail in Canada. I’ve been involved with the investigative team here for a few years now, working to improve their digital security game by rolling out SecureDrop and doing training on best practices. I’m also one of the large group of contributors to OpenNews’ forthcoming field guide to newsroom security training.

I’m here to learn more about security training and new tools useful to journalists, and hopefully to help to keep the momentum going on that latter project after its initial launch.


Yo! I’m Chase, a computer science student. I’m interested in Journalism and web security. I want to share the truths with public and help them secure their data to the extent possible. I’d appreciate any and every suggestion from you.


Hi Im Tracie im new to this and am mainly just intrested in keeping up to date with Hacktivists in any way i can. I wont be able to be n all the time but ill check in when i can