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Welcome, @KlasfeldReports. Good to have you.


Hi all,

I'm Madeleine Bair. My work focuses on supporting marginalized communities and non-traditional journalists report on human rights issues. I was a program manager at WITNESS for several years until this past summer. I'm currently collaborating with Sahrawi media activists and others on Watching Western Sahara--a platform for curated eyewitness footage from Western Sahara--and transitioning to work more closely with immigrant communities in the U.S.

Andrew of the Coral Project pointed me to this forum, as I can use guidance in navigating digital security concerns that arise in working with at-risk activists who have limited technology and zip to little digital security training.

I'm grateful already for this forum, and look forward to learning from you all!


Hi Madeleine! Welcome.


Hi Tinfoil. I'm a writer based in Scotland (@jm_stout). I'm soon to begin training as a journalist (shorthand, law etc) but previously my background was in campaigns and activism, and I have a particular interest in undercover policing and infiltration of political movements (see for instance #spycops #pitchford). I've been writing about the UK's Investigatory Powers Act for various publications; particularly its likely impact on activism and journalism. I'm also interested in financial corruption, tax avoidance and so on.

I'm keen to learn more about digital security, especially as it relates to journalism, as I'm relatively new to it all. I speak some Russian and aim to move there late 2017.


Welcome @JenStout. Very interested to hear your thoughts in discussions here. :slight_smile:


Phew, thought I was the only one.

Most of my important to-do's kick in when I'm away from the computer ... funny that.


Howdy, everybody. My name is Richard, and I'm one of those citizen journo types. Lately I've been blogging far more than freelancing, but I've grown to see the practice as my Soma and Manna all in one. Also maybe some midwifery and sin-eating. I have no social media accounts though I've sampled all the big sites before to see for myself what they are good for.

I very randomly discovered Tinfoil through reading up on Lavabit's return, skulking real reporters as I do, and I sincerely hope that I might find ways to contribute down the way.

While I don't quite have the credentials that many of the other posters in this thread have accomplished, I am proud of my past contributions to Heavy Metal Magazine anyhow because censorship is a big fat no-no in my worldview.

I'm constantly checking news feeds, so I tend to be pretty reachable. I know possibly as much coding as all of Trump's wives combined, but I am a great fan of learning as I go.



HAH. Great to have you, Richard. :slight_smile:


Hello! I'm Emily J Gertz, an environmental & science journalist based in Brooklyn. I've been working in online content and community since the mid-1990s--got my start as a web producer and site builder-- and have been a journalist for about 15 years.

Mostly I've been freelancing, although from late 2014 through 2016 I was a full-time staff reporter and editor for, the now-shuttered digital news arm of Participant Media. I've also co-authored two books on environmental monitoring with Arduino for Maker Media, and contributed to both "The Science Writers' Handbook: How to Pitch, Prosper, and Publish in the Digital Age," and "Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century."

I'm a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists (@sejorg) and a volunteer for SEJ's First Amendment Task Force. Recently, on behalf of SEJ, I co-organized a workshop on digital security for journalists with CryptoParty NYC. I hope to continue supporting SEJ members in working more safely and securely with their various networked gadgets.

It is exciting to discover this community. I look forward to learning from and sharing with everyone here. You can also reach me at @ejgertz on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn; and at emilyg on Protonmail and Peerio.


Welcome, @ejgertz!


Hi All and @mshelton! I've been a fan of Tinfoil for a while, and just realized I can join this forum and join the discussion.

I work on information controls in Iran, with a specific focus on digital security for Iranians. I work with Global Voices, and am helping run Internet Governance/digital security programming with the Article 19 Iran team, as well as running a Persian digital security graphic novel as a side hustle called Jensiat. Excited to follow along here!


Hey @maasalan! Likewise, Tinfoil is a big fan of you. Good to have you.


Thanks, @mshelton!


Hey everyone!

Great to be here, thanks to @mshelton for organizing and maintaining this group. I'm a developer for the New York Times, and have written about myself in more detail on my website.


Welcome aboard, @daniel. :smiley:


Hi all! I'm a tech, surveillance, and privacy journalist at The Atlantic, and a longtime lurker here. Happy to finally join and participate. Thanks for all that you do.


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hey I'm Sue Gardner. I was co-chair of the campaign to request a pardon for Ed Snowden as President Obama left office; I'm the former ED of the Wikimedia Foundation, and before that was in Canada running CBC.CA. I'm a board member and advisor to a bunch of organisations in this general space.

Was pointed here by a friend at the Freedom of the Press Foundation who hasn't yet joined, but likely will soon. Glad to be here; was very happy to see a pro-diversity statement and a code of conduct :slight_smile:


Hi @spg! I suspect more than a few Tinfoil folks follow your work. Welcome.


Hi everyone! I'm David, tech fellow at the Freedom of the Press Foundation and CryptoParty NYC co-organizer. I'm here to keep up to speed on what other digital security trainers are up to and what concerns journalists have on privacy and security.