Introduce yourself!


Hey, welcome, @ojkelly and @JStoneman!


Hey @yaelwrites, welcome. :slight_smile:


Hi, I'm Sean. I write about cybersecurity and data privacy for the San Francisco Chronicle.


Hey, welcome, Sean.



I'm Seamus Tuohy, a Senior Technologist and Risk Advisor for Internews. I do a bit of Internet Freedom implementation and a bit of global digi-sec risk assessment for our, and our partners, programs. I stumbled in here and saw some friends so here I am.



Hi, I'm Livia, user experience designer generally interested in digital security topics. I'm here because I follow many of you and you always share excellent resources with me so I figured there would be even more in this new space. Looking forward to seeing it develop.


Cyrus Farivar here.

I hang my hat at Ars Technica.


Attorney, focusing on First Amendment and human rights, and I frequently write and lecture on security for human rights defenders.

Many thanks for organizing Martin, and I still think the logo is amazing.


Hi all,

I really like this initiative. I am Roennie, I work as a security consultant, with a very strong focus on system security (sysop perspective). Nowadays, I work on a freelance base, securing systems of customers.

I tend to focus on POSIX systems (Linux, *BSD, MacOSX), rather than Windows (Server). Over the years, I've -mainly private- disclosed vulnerabilities to manufacturers, developers, political parties, etc. I'm European, hoping to contribute knowledge here.


Hi All,

I am Nik Williams and I am the policy advisor at Scottish PEN. We are currently working on opposing the Investigatory Powers Bill that is currently racing through Parliament and are campaigning on broader mass surveillance and bulk data collection issues from a free expression point of view. I have also written on surveillance issues and broader free speech issues in Index on Censorship, openDemocracy, CommonSpace, HeraldScotland and a few others.

With limited tech literacy I commend this project and I look forward to contributing to a meaningful debate on these issues and learning from as many people as I can.




Hello everyone:

I'm Robert Lemos, a freelance technology journalist and researcher. I've covered the security space for about 20 years for a variety of publications. I started out as a research engineer in the early 90s, and I've been moving full circle and taking on some data science projects.

Coming up with a simple process for secure operations for journalists, freelancers and small businesses is an ongoing interest of mine. I think any solution has to have a limited menu of options to make it simple enough for people to understand and to maintain on a regular basis. To date, security has been anything but simple.




I'm Eugene, the security director for I've been in the infosec field for a while, and I'm here to help answer questions and discuss issues around security and privacy.

If there is interest in getting multi-factor authentication working for this site, I can probably help with that.


Hey Eugene, great to have you! Multi-factor authentication that cooperates with Discourse is one of my short-term priorities for Tinfoil. I don't yet have the bandwidth to make this happen on my own. Let's talk. :slight_smile:


Sweet! I requested to join the FB group. Veganism is pretty well connected to progressive circles, but it's always interesting to bring straight edge as a part of the labor movement, because it's so entrenched in the culture. Anyway, this is off-topic.


Hi, I'm Marc Georges, a journalist and podcast producer currently with EW Scripps in Washington DC. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @marcgeoges and thanks @mshelton for setting this up!


Hi, I'm Eduard Martín-Borregón, a data and investigative journalist now working in Mexico. I coordinate different projects including Méxicoleaks and Peruleaks. I would pleased to learn from all of you.


Hi there!

I'm Lucas Timmons a journalist and coder with the Canadian Press in Toronto, Canada.

I got interested in security a few years back when I saw a Wall of Sheep demo. Set up Kali on my machine the next day and got a pineapple and went to town trying to learn as much as I can.

Been busy with never ended election in Canada over the past year so I haven't keep up to date as well as I should have. So I'm hoping I can learn some new and interesting things here and keep myself and my sources safe.



My name is Gabriela Rodriguez and I'm a software developer, working with Martin at the Coral Project.
I'm interested in everything related with journalism, technology and community. I'm also involved in projects like systerserver, an autonomous feminist server and care about securing tools and practices for activists.


Hi there!
I'm Soraya -- I'm a designer at EFF and an educator. I'm passionate about developing educational materials for beginners, particularly in the security space. I'm mostly here to learn (and hopefully get better at helping others learn this stuff too).
Nice to meet all of you, and thanks for setting this up, Martin!


Hey there,

I'm Donncha, a software developer and security researcher. I've previously organized cryptoparties and digital security trainings for journalists in Ireland. For the past two years I've volunteered with the Tor Project working mostly on hidden services. I now work for on their free DDoS mitigation service for activists and civil society groups.

It's great to see this community space. I hope to help with tech advice where I can, while learning to better communicate security solutions to at-risk groups.