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Hey, awesome to have you here, @lainna! :slight_smile:


I'm a cardiologist. Most of my career was in academic medicine with a 7 year excursion into medical device development. The myriad, contradictory and largely ineffectual attempts by various entities to "protect patient privacy" (insight: no such thing exists) motivated me to learn something about cryptography and secure communications. A contact at GPG Tools suggested this forum. I consider my skills near-novice level.



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Hi! I'm Dan Bateyko (@dbateyko). I follow most of y'all on Twitter. I'm a recent U.S. college grad funded by a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, a one-year grant for purposeful, independent exploration outside of the United States. My project involves studying barriers to internet freedom and local movements for digital rights. I've been speaking to bloggers, netizens, and digital rights advocates in South Korea, Hong Kong, and now China. More on my project here.

Interested in improving communities online, listening to and better engaging with under-represented voices, and puzzling over how to defend human rights β€” and what qualifies as a right β€” in the digital age. Previously a free-expression intern at PEN American Center and comms intern at CDT.

Excited to join in! I'll be traveling all over and I'm always looking for more advocates/activists, journalists, and engaged internet users to connect with on my travels, so let's talk.


Hey @dbateyko, great to have you. Definitely curious to get your perspective in ongoing discussions here.


Hey Y'all!

Akil here, I'm currently a developer at FirstLookMedia / TheIntercept building tools for the newsroom. Very interested in sharing my knowledge and gaining knowledge here. As well as always being on the look out for ways to collaborate with others in tool building.


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Hi all,

Tin here, Design and Tech Lead at The Engine Room.
I work with activists and social change orgs from around the globe, helping them find ways to integrate technologies in a smart, secure and useful way. Digsec has always been a big part of my work, though not the main focus.

I'm joining this community because

  • I already personally know and trust many of you (and I follow like 90% of the others on the twitters and the mediums)
  • It has an impressive knowledge caliber and signal/noise ratio of the posts
  • I hope to add to the conversation in any way I can
  • This looks like the place to ask the more esoteric questions around the intersection of digsec and pragmatism
  • The UX is gorgeous

See you in the replies! :tada:


Welcome to Tinfoil!

Hey @tingeber, great to have you! Big fan of the work you're all doing at TER. :slight_smile:


What fun!

The links appear to have been updated: (scroll down for English as advised)

Here's the direct links to the PDFs for the guide itself: (cover page) (actual guide)

There may be some with delicate sensibilities offended by this approach, although that begs the question of what on earth they're doing in journalism!

Meantime, I notice that your guide does not recommend the Signal app for secure comms. I've asked elsewhere on here why no one here on Tinfoil seems to trust the Snowden and Greenwald blessed Whisper Systems.

Any reason why you think that might be?

. . .



I've been lurking this website for a while, and figured out it's time for me to get actively involved in the discussion.

My name is Aleksandar Todorović (also known as @r3bl_ on Twitter), and I work for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. I work on the tech side, developing tools to make investigative journalism easier and trying to keep our journalists safe.

I'm pretty young, with just barely over a year of work experience (all in OCCRP), but I do have an interest in information security for a number of years now. Working with journalists actually allows me to get some practical knowledge in this field, and I do have to say that I quite enjoy giving security trainings and tips and tricks about how journalists can keep themselves and their sources secure online.

I also write about the tech topics that are interesting to me and occasionally rants on my own website ( (both in English and my native Bosnian language) and I have wrote quite a number of articles to other websites too (you can see the list here:

I live in a country that is not very technologically-savvy, so in addition to this, I occasionally talk about information security as an "expert" on local and regional televisions and criticize my government for not following security standards on the government websites during conferences.


Welcome, @r3bl.


And novice is exactly the level that security approaches will ideally arrive at if we are to ever have any success in anti-snooping :slight_smile:


Hello! I'm Tim McCormack. I'm a Boston-based software developer, security nut, and civil liberties enthusiast. One of my main interests right now is in helping people communicate in ways that avoid surveillance, so I was happy to discover a site about journalism and digital security. : )

At the moment my technical skills are mainly in web server development (with a history in client-side stuff as well) and I have a good deal of talent in general application-level security (though I'd like to learn more about networking and working with exploits in binaries.)

As for this site, I hope to learn more about the real-world security needs of journalists -- it's too easy to build tools for the wrong problem.


Great to have you here, @timmc. :slight_smile:


Hi all. My name is Brady Dale. I'm an NYC based journalist who likes to write about technology that enhances privacy and companies that gouge away at it. Sometimes I try to write about cybersecurity, too.
I met @mshelton recently and kept meaning to come by here but only remembering to do it when I wasn't at a computer.


Hah, better late than never. Welcome.


Newbie here. Not tech illiterate, but never before have I felt the need for secure communications, so I have a lot to learn!

I'd like to help with political* organizing and sharing information in my small neck of the woods, so there's a place for public, easy-to-find and -access information. There's also a need to protect individuals and networks of people, especially given the use of social media for surveillance.

*where political is about protection of civil and human rights


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Hi All,

I'm Adam Klasfeld, a New York-based reporter for Courthouse News. As @mshelton knows, I have been taking privacy and security much more seriously recently in a commitment to maintain the trust of my sources - not only in my word, but also in protecting my computer and smartphone from those who would snoop on them.

My profile says a bit about me. Learn more at I look forward to learning more from this group.