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Greetings to everyone, I am Darren Chaker and just joined, am active with ACLU, EFF, and recently won a First Amendment case - See Technically my second, see Chaker v. Crogan, 428 F.3d 1215 C.A.9 (Cal.),2005, Cert. denied, 547 U.S. 1128, 126 S.Ct. 2023, inval-idated a statute on First Amendment grounds and overruled the California Supreme Court‘s unanimous decision in People v. Stanistreet, 127 Cal.Rptr.2d 633.

I believe in free speech, and not backing down to oppression. Live life, live it well. I am no Angel, but Angel's do not know what I know.


Hey Darren, welcome to the forum. I definitely welcome more legal discussion around digital rights, if you've got burning topics you want to dig into.


Halo Albert - tu good to see Papua represented!!

Greetings from the rest of the nesias :sunny:


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kia ora (greetings) from the south seas,

I've been covering corruption, foreign and domestic, across Oceania for ... quite some time now. My main gig at the moment is as correspondent for a regional news magazine Islands Business, based in Fiji, and as volunteer Editor for PFF. Our PFF Chair is in Papua New Guinea, Co-Chair in American Samoa, Coordinator in Fiji and another board member in (independent) Samoa.

I am also Secretary for the New Zealand based Pacific Islands Media Association and have just been approved to set up a New Zealand branch of the Commonwealth Journalists Association.

All sounds very grand, but like everyone else, we operate on the memory of an oily rag - when we're working we don't have any time to worry about opsec, and when we're not working, we don't have any money to worry about opsec.

So I absolutely endorse the idea that tools be as user-friendly as possible. I've been advocating web2 approaches since 2005 (after getting a part-time net cafe job in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, where PFF is registered) but most journos are so insanely busy they have almost zero mental energy to absorb new information, or even run routine malware scans.

Having said that, great to see Albert from Papua on here. Papua is the leading media freedom concern for PFF, whose people encounter such horrific human rights abuse at the hands of Indonesian security forces their situation has been has been termed "genocide." Foreign media are almost completely banned from accessing west Papua, the occupied half west of independent Papua New Guinea. Human rights observers such as Red Cross are also banned.

There are local media, and they need as much (simple) help as possible. Sorry for the whitesplaining, but Pacific culture is not to talk for yourself, let others speak for you.


Appreciate your perspective here, @jasonbrown1965. Welcome.


Hello all,

Thanks for the prompt to join this community, @mshelton. I'm a recent j-school grad from Melbourne and very interested in the press freedom space. Never been digitally-literate enough for infosec threads but I look forward to learning from everybody. From reading the introductions here it seems like a great collective already.


Hey, welcome @gzyd. :slight_smile: I learn new stuff here constantly. Hope it can be helpful to you too.


So far so good - that reference list is very helpful! Will be contributing soon.


Hi everyone,
I work in the outreach team with ASL19 organization based in Toronto and we provide localization and user support for anti-censorship tools in the MENA region.

I am interested to know about new ways to do outreach and raise awareness about digital rights and security.

Great initiative, thanks Martin for starting it!


Hey @AminJobran, great to have you! I feel like we could use more discussion around issues specific to the MENA region. Hope to learn more. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

My name is Greg Otto and I am the managing editor of CyberScoop, a forthcoming website dedicated to cybersecurity/infosec/digital security/whatever we are calling it these days.

Considering I am a journalist interested in infosec, this seems like a website where I can explore trends and teach myself more about the subject matter as we build the website.

Always happy to talk with anyone about this stuff as I am learning more and more every day.


Good to have you, @gregotto! Definitely welcoming your thoughts or questions here as you ramp up the site.


Hello everyone,

I am Gabor. I am an information security professional in my day job. I am the organiser of the CryptoParty meetups in Sydney.

I founded Privacy for Journalists recently to help reporters with protecting their information sources. I am excited to see the flourishing community here on Tinfoil, and I hope I can learn a lot from the journalists as well as other infosec people with similar interests on this forum.


Hey, welcome, Gabor. Very cool to have you here. And thanks for sharing resources from Privacy for Journalists!


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nice simple guides, like :slight_smile: Look forward to reading @PrivacyJournAU thoughts on TOR.

Especially in light of what websites such as Pando have been reporting on.

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Hi there, I am a citizen concerned about mass surveillance and the illegal actions of governments.

I was unable to verify my Tinfoil account using Firefox, the second link you have to click on in the verification email did not work, I don't know is this is only me, perhaps one of the browser privacy addons I have installed was interfering, in the end I copied and pasted the link in IE, and it worked.

I hope to be able to contribute and learn here, it seems like a good forum to be in.


Hey, welcome @tingold! Great to have you. Thanks for sharing the error you ran into… I'll see if I can reproduce it. :+1:


Hi folks,

I am technical director (and Entropy Bender :smirk:) at Coding Rights, a think-and-do tank that aims to advance in the enforcement of Human Rights in the digital world by integrating usages and understandings of technology into policy making processes. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The organization is a spin-off from Oficina Antivigilância, a project that started in october 2013 as a workshop to understand and counter mass surveillance focused on journalists and that became also a publisher for surveillance-related topics; we just published our 14th Boletim Antivigilância (portuguese / spanish), ("antisurveillance bulletin") on the theme of online violence vs. privacy and anonymity. Here's our twitter: @CodingRights.

I write lots of technical articles, covering secure communication tools, disk encryption, online tracking and countermeasures, cell-site simulators / IMSI catchers; As I learn more about the legal / jurisdictional / political side of the privacy debate in Brazil and internationally (e.g. Internet governance) I'm writing more about these themes, such as the one I wrote on this last bulletin about our Parliamentary Inquiry Commision on cybercrime (portuguese / spanish).

Here are all the articles I wrote for Oficina Antivigilância: portuguese / spanish.

At Coding Rights I do a bit of everything on the technical side, from system administration and selection of stack / Internet services and comms tools to programming of platforms such as our newborn platform that tracks draft bills on our Congress.

We also work on projects that try to bring the privacy issue to new publics in a fun, informative way; for example, we published the Safer Nudes (scroll for english) sensual guide to digital security and recently made a webinar on sexual rights and online violence (spanish / portuñol).

I came here because, as you can see, I'm highly interested in the topic.



Welcome, @eletrorganico. Very cool to have you!



I'm Lainna Fader. I'm the head of audience development at The New Yorker, which involves a mix of social media strategy, SEO, newsletters, partnerships, analytics, and user experience. I'm pretty new to TNY so I wasn't here for the implementation of Strongbox, but I'm really happy that we have it.

Past lives: New York Magazine, Newsweek, Forbes (where I was part of the implementation of SafeSource), and Wired.

I'm interested in newsroom security, and privacy in general, so I'm excited to learn from all of you!