Introduce yourself!


Hi, I'm Jordan

I'm an indie dev, formerly of 343 Industries and other parts of Microsoft. I've been very interested in security since long before I became an engineer, and I've always kept an eye on security-related developments in the tech world. I'm super excited about end-to-end encryption finally starting to take off, and I hope to see more in the near future as this whole conversation unfolds.

I'm here to listen and learn, and offer some perspective where it makes sense. I'm not a security expert, but I have some experience I'm willing to share. I'm interested in discussions about broad, practical concerns with security in software, and proposals or examples of good solutions.

Cheers, J


Hi all. I'm Josh, a business/tech journalist for one of Canada's very few national newspapers. Been covering biz and personal tech for years (written for many major outlets), but now I head up the digital portion of the paper's tech section, so I'm always on the look out for important security stories/discussions the masses should know about.

Very cool initiative here!


Hello everyone,

Mikael Thalen, writer. Been interested in infosec and privacy for several years. Was "that guy" prior to Snowden. Am here to learn.


Hey! :slight_smile:
I'm Greta, basically a student who has a keen interest in privacy, transparency, whistleblowing and all that stuff. I'm constantly looking forward to learn new things, improve my opsec and infosec to make NSA&Co's life hard, etc, so... here I am. I really appreciate this project, and the high level of participation it has generated. Looking forward to learn from all of you here!


Hey all, my name is Cameron Banga. I work at a company I co-founded about 6 years ago, we build iOS and Android apps for a variety of clients. I've also written a few books on mobile application design. We're at

Over the past few years, we've worked on a couple apps where security was a somewhat significant concern, so became a hobby to read and understand security issues in order to make sure our apps were as secure as possible.

Excited to meet everyone and (hopefully) contribute to discussion.


Hey everyone,

My name is Rory, I work with Security First ( We build a mobile app called Umbrella, which is an all-in-one guide to security. It has lessons on everything from sending a secure email to dealing with physical counter-surveillance. There is more information about Umbrella in the Resources thread but you can download it here:

Security First also conducts trainings with groups ranging from large NGOs to individual activists in the field. We cover everything from basic digital security to complex multi-day exercises related to working with sources in the field.

Previous to this, I helped setup and was Head of Security and Research at Videre - the world leader in the use of covert video footage for exposing human rights abuses.

Looking forward to speaking with more of you on here:


Heya y'all, Dan Blah here. Thanks @rorybyrne for pointing me this way and @mshelton for creating this space. Rad to see so many new and familiar faces <3

I'm a part of the Open Technology Fund team, formally an investigative journalist, and forever recovering software engineer.


Hey, welcome Dan!


Hey everyone,

My name is Jerod MacDonald-Evoy and I'm an editor and investigative journalist at the independent newspaper the North Star Post. We cover surveillance tech and civil liberties issues. Over the past two years I've been really interested in infosec, transparency issues and privacy. I'm hoping to meet some new interesting people here and learn some new things. Thank you to the devs for creating this space!


Hey Jerod, welcome! Good to have you.


My name is Evan Johnson.

I currently work at CloudFlare as some type of security person. I used to work at LastPass.

I do a lot of work in a ton of different areas. Cryptography, application security, security product management, infrastructure security, and a lot more. I'm a software person, through and through.

I just found this place and I'm hoping it is a place to have deep technical discussions with a lot of people (since the number of places to do that is a lot fewer than it used to be).


Hey Evan, welcome. I'm probably going to make a section for deeper technical discussions shortly. Tinfoil's only been up for a few weeks, but now we're starting to have enough threads going that it'd be worthwhile to organize a bit. :slight_smile:


Hello - I'm Jason Hernandez. I handle most of the tech for the North Star Post and do some reporting on surveillance issues. I work with @JerodMacEvoy, who already introduced our newspaper.

I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and experiences on how to do independent journalism efficiently and securely.


Hey Jason, welcome!



Hi, im Albert Batlayeri, i'm a journalist from Papua, Indonesia


Welcome, Albert!


Hi everyone,

I'm Thai. I'm a security researcher, working at Google. I was the lead crypto engineer of Recently I helped build end-to-end encryption in Google Allo.

I hope that via this forum I can use my technical skills to assist journalists, activists and dissidents stay safe online.


Hi Thai, good to have you! I used to be at Google as a privacy UER intern when end-to-end was getting started… Glad you're still rolling out more. Welcome.


Thanks, Martin!