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I'm Josh Kopstein. I write dystopian non-fiction about privacy and counter-surveillance.

I'm currently a freelance reporter and researcher for VICE / Motherboard, Ars Technica and CSM Passcode, among other places. Previously I was a privacy and tech columnist at Al Jazeera America (RIP) and I've also had bylines at The Verge and The New Yorker (dot com).

My work can be found here:

Recently my research focus has been on exploring new forms of emotional manipulation and behavioral surveillance through VR, IoT and other emergent consumer tech platforms.

On my spare time I enjoy flying drones and reading technical documents leaked from government agencies and defense contractors.


Hey, welcome Josh! :smile:


Hi Everyone!

I'm Sarah (@SarahJamieLewis) and I am a Security and Privacy Researcher based in Canada.

You may have come across some of my work trying to develop insights into how users and communities use Anonymizing networks through the OnionScan project.

I am really interested in how we can build a new generation of usable privacy tools to help sources and other vulnerable populations get information out while staying safe, which brings me here to lurk and hopefully start some discussions :slight_smile:.

Thanks! Sarah


Hey, welcome Sarah. :slight_smile: Big fan of OnionScan. I do UX and usability work. Happy to help in any way I can.


Hi all,

My name's Blake Sobczak. I write about critical infrastructure cybersecurity for EnergyWire, based in Washington, D.C. Thanks to @mshelton for creating this forum. I look forward to learning more about how to protect myself and my sources.


Hey, good to have you, Blake. Hope it's helpful.


Howdy, Y'all,

My Name is Tyson O'Ham, and I'm a freelance writer working for several privacy and cryptocurrency-focused publications. My primary interests are cryptography ethics and practicality. I'm Excited to Join the tinfoil community, and hope I can contribute in a positive way as it grows.


Hey, welcome Tyson!


Hi everyone!

My name's Dimple and I work as a digital producer at the Rory Peck Trust, an NGO based in London dedicated to the support and welfare of freelance journalists worldwide.
Our digital security resources for freelancers can be found here - feedback gladly welcome! This was first produced around three years ago by our previous digital producer, Andrew, who's now at Internews as a web technologist.

I confess: I am a beginner to digital/info security! I know the basics, encryption etc. but steadily learning and look forward to using this forum :blush:


Hey Dimple, good to have you. Welcoming your security questions. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, my name is Raphael Satter and I've just taken on the role of cybersecurity correspondent for The Associated Press. I look forward to learning from all of you -- and of course getting story ideas.


Hey, welcome, Raphael. Drop questions / make connections!


Hi, everyone. I'm Michael Fitzhugh, a staff writer for the Thomson Reuters biotech news site BioWorld. Prior to becoming a journalist, I was a web developer and software engineer at CNET.

I've had a long-running casual interest in infosec and physical security. After reading an exchange between @ethannorth and @mshelton expressing a desire to see more journalists involved, I decided to jump in. Looking forward to participating in the conversation here and there.


What's up, everybody! I'm a coder turned freelance reporter in San Francisco and heard about this site at @mshelton's workshop and @garrettr's talk at HOPE 11. I'm interested in building a pipeline of documents from SecureDrop and public records requests into tools like DocumentCloud for analysis, among other things.


Welcome, Michael! Great to have you.


Hey, welcome @jdshutt. I suspect a lot of folks here have input on that workflow. Also, @garrettr mentioned the site? Hah.


Yeah, of course! The end of the talk was about remembering to place tools like SecureDrop in the broader context of what can be accomplished with the recent advances in secure communications tools, and how it's possible that eventually the careful use of those tools could be preferable to something like SecureDrop. I recommended Tinfoil as a place to discuss and develop such ideas :slight_smile:.

This seems like as good a time as any to introduce myself! Hi everyone, my name is Garrett Robinson and I work at the Freedom of the Press Foundation. My primary focus is SecureDrop, but I also work on promoting TLS for news organizations, security training, and enabling more secure authentication online.


Awesome. Appreciate you sharing it, and for all of the great work. I know SecureDrop has gotten a lot more usable, but let me know if you guys are ever looking for research help. Good to have you here.


Hello, Andrew here, a technologist at Internews Europe. I work on secure web hosting projects and also do trainings and consulting on using digital security tools and adopting the right practices for a given situation. Here to learn and opine.


Hey, welcome, Andrew.