Secure Hosted File Sharing


I'm hoping to set up some journalists who at times have fairly high security needs with a way to do secure file sharing on an everyday basis. Ideal would be something as easy as Google Drive or Dropbox. Setup and configuration can assume decent technical ability, but ease-of-use level has to be Average Journalist.

I may be chasing a mythical creature here, so wanted to see how people felt about it. I've seen a few recommendations of Cryptomator and Spideroak Semaphor, but no thorough discussions yet about them or alternatives. I'm curious about:

  1. Other options people might recommend.
  2. Security concerns to keep in mind while using these or alternatives.

There was a thread started on Cryptomator but no responses. I guess you can consider this a follow up and extension of that question.


Bumping this threat as I am interested if anyone here has any criticism or comments on Cryptomator as well.


Maybe you could try usign PGP for those files stored in any web service.
Another option could be using OnionShare. Works great!

If you have more resources available, SecureDrop.

I don't trust 100% any of "encrypted" services, because I'm not able to undestand the code.



I've read lots of god reviews about Cryptomator.
I do not believe in browsers security. And where does the encrypt-decrypt process happens. When you are on line. In my oppinion, not the best choice with today standards.



Apologies. Just saw this. Don't have my notificatons turned on I've just seen. Thanks for the feedback, though.